25 April 2017

Meet us at Supergame 50! @ Sniperz Den Paintball Park St. Paul, Oregon

We can't wait to come back! Much love for the Pacific Northwest! Hope to see everyone there again! See all those smiles in the picture? Good times. To register go to >> www.supergame.tv <<<

29 March 2017

A recruit gets his brown jersey! Matt M. is now on the pump squad!

Pictured here is Derrick and Mike after Matt put on his newly earned brown jersey for the first time at Hollywood Sports Park. This is the moment the recruits live for and work for over a year to attain (years for many). Some recruits don't make it but there are no participation awards for them so you won't hear about the ones who don't make it. This is Matt's moment to shine. Now the really hard work starts. Time to fill those shoes. Time to play with honor, no drama, and help others enjoy the sport. Proud of you Matt. Keep up the great work! 

27 March 2017

LA Hitmen Recruits Field Trip to Giant Tactical San Diego

So proud of this group! Keep it up killas! Photo taken at Giant San Diego. We won't be making Tet Offensive this year due to obvious reasons. Positive paintball 4 life! 

01 March 2017

1st Place LA HITMEN / Chosen 4 Pump Event

That is right the boys brought home another 1st place! This time at the Chosen 4 event. Pictured is Rik, Mike, Tony and Derrick. All OG killas! Congrats team! 

13 February 2017

1st Place LA HITMEN / UPL Pump Division - @ Jungle Island Paintball Park

The UPL Pump Hitmen team with support staff. 

In the pitts waiting for outcomes. Focused on the goal. 

First place went to the LA Hitmen. Squad members from left to right: 
Chris, Matt (recruit), Rik, Mike, Derrick, and Tony. Also pictured is UPL founder Edwin. 

Follow our team Instagram account @lahitmen 

01 February 2017

Time to head to Canada this June! D-Day at Commando Paintball

I can't wait! So excited for this event! I hear this field is amazing and I have to see it for myself! I haven't played paintball in Canada in years and I will also be holding a clinic up there on Saturday. Sign up at lahitmen . com for the clinic! Join me at this event! Greg Hastings and WOLF will also be there! Sign up at: Click here>>>> https://commandopaintball.ca/ <<<<<

 Event link is >>>> https://commandopaintball.ca/d-day/ <<<<< 

23 January 2017

Paintball Athlete: Healthy packaged foods to check out

I often get asked how I can stay healthy when on the road. Back in 2008 when I got serious about my health it was rather difficult. But these days finding healthy packaged food is much easier. With companies now offering actual food in a package we have it made. I have an updated list of the healthy packaged foods I enjoy on Hubba. CLICK HERE

Just so you know:
You have to try Foods Alive Power Crackers. Their Curry and Lemon ones are outstanding so be sure to try a couple different flavors. Dip them in their Superfood Ranch and you will be a happy camper. Their direct link is above and a couple of their products you will find on the first link in this post. Happy Hunting!

11 January 2017

360 Fly Camera for paintball use (360FLY)

Thinking back to Sept 2016 at SC Village. It was fun using those 360 cameras and the footage was mind blowing. Hopefully more people try these cameras in paintball and other sports! Thank you for sponsoring Destiny and ourselves at the World Record Game 360Fly! www.350fly.com