Shooting Trident Defense firearms at Gat Guns

I will own a Trident Defense Firearm!  The trigger is crisp, the action is smooth, they are lightweight and they simply look sexy af. We had so much fun shooting the custom Trident Defense glock 17 and glock 42 at Gat Guns. Gat guns is probably one of the biggest gun stores I have ever been to!  They had everything!  The only work of art I wanted to check out that I couldn't find there was the Fightlife Industries MCR. (My current unicorn bangstick)

Fact #1: Trident Defense custom Glocks are bad ass.

Fact #2: I will own a Trident Defense someday! 

Fact #3: TJ kicked our asses at the range. I need to practice more. Who was there? Wolf, TJ, Reaper, Aztek, Graeme, and myself. There was a young couple there that was wondering why Reaper was shooting all the pvc but that is another story. ;)


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