24 March 2012

Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarships

This is something we all should get behind. Link to website
The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarships are prestigious scholarships awarded in tribute to Bob Gurnsey, creator of the paintball sport, to encourage higher education of today's youth in paintball. These scholarships are open to all high school senior paintball players, with the opportunity to receive a $2,500 National Award and multiple $500 Regional Scholarship Awards. In order to be considered, applicants must submit an essay that addresses one of the following questions in 250 words or less: How has paintball been a positive influence on your life? Or How will this scholarship help you in your career goals? APPLICATION

19 March 2012

LA Hitmen win 1st at BRPL at SC Village

The BRPL (blitz regional pump league) has an amazing format that we think is going to catch on strong. The event was held at SC Village on March 12, 2012. Small fields, no coaching, back to back points make this a fun fast paced pump format. Beautiful trophies and medals top it off! LA Hitmen for the win!

16 March 2012

RTI Recreational Tank International Paintball tank rides for everyone

Check out the RTI project!
From the website:

You have all heard about a game called paintball.
Paintball is a game where you put on some safety gear and run around shooting your friends with air-powered markers hopefully hitting them with your paintballs before they tag you with theirs. Right now not everyone can play. Those with disabilities or are scared to get shot have a very difficult time trying to compete in the sport. We wanted to change that. We want to make paintball tanks so everyone can join in on the fun.

So we decided to create a non-profit organization called RTI take this challenge on. RTI created some goals and ultimately is designing and building the first production paintball tanks that will accommodate many disabilities. The “MiTanks” will require no foot controls and the paintball weapons systems can be easily operated with a "joy stick " hand control.

We are specifically thinking of disabled vets who have served in our armed forces that would love to experience the "thrill" and the comrade of paintball but possibly until this point weren't able to. Disabled children, athletes and even family members of current paintball players would all enjoy some tank rides. You get to shoot everyone and nobody can shoot you. It really doesn’t get any better.

We know this will dramatically raise the quality of life for the participants, as the paintball adrenaline rush is so powerful and satisfying.
  • Our first goal was to find the right founding sponsor. Mr. Perry Howard became our Founding Sponsor in 2012 and we thank him dearly for his priceless support. With Mr. Howard’s support for the first tank base we have purchased a 2004 8x8 Argo Amphibious vehicle and are in the R/D process of building the first tank off that “Amphibious” platform.

  • Our second goal is to build 2 tanks and take them around the country to play in established large paintball games. This will allow the disabled and those interested in a tank ride to have some fun they will never forget. The tank ride also gives them an advantage over most others on the playing field. Now a father can get his kid a tank ride while he plays nearby.

  • Our third goal is we will add sonar technology so that the blind and vision challenged can join in on the fun with the rest of us and launch some tank competitions for some added fun.
Paintball is an amazing sport with amazing people who enjoy it every weekend. As a community we have seen it add so much joy to an individuals’ life it is really amazing. Now it can be the time to allow those who want to join in on the fun get a free tank ride!

This is where you come in. We need your help.

Sponsors get a tax deductable write off and some great cross marketing assets to work with. Please check out the sponsorship link and the RTI Project link for more information.

Please share this project with everyone you know especially those who need to get out and find something new to do.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire others to create ways to raise the quality of life for those who want it and need it. Simple as that.

See you on the field.

Recreational Tank International / EIN 45-478796