15 November 2008

LA Hitmen 2008 / 2007 Scenario History

Decay of Nations 2
Pickle Big Game/ Ladies Day, Jungle Island @ Lake Elsinore, CA
US ARMY Combat Classic @ West Point, NY
PB&J Shattered Looking Glass_@ CPP, Camp Pendleton, CA
Hitmen Holiday Private Group,_Jungle Island @ Lake Elsinore, CA
Pickle Big Game,_Jungle Island @ Lake Elsinore, CA
Giant Victorville Ribbon Cutting @ Victorville, CA
Mile High Game @ Apple Valley, CA

Risk the World @ Bearclaw, Tennessee
D-DAY @ The Bunker, Oklahoma
Invasion of Normandy at Skirmish @ Jim Thorpe, PA
World in Chaos/Decay of Nations at SC Village @ Norco, CA
April Fools Frolic Paintball USA - Castaic, CA
Pickle's Big Games Jungle Island @ Lake Elsinore, CA
Hitman Movie Promo game, Jungle Island @ Lake Elsinore, CA

Can you name everyone in this pic?

12 November 2008

2008 Real Challenge Hawaii Paintball @ Wheeler www.paintballhawaii.com

I just got done spending a great weekend at Wheeler AFB. On Saturday Tony Perez did a clinic and I sat around and enjoyed doing nothing but talking to staff and players. I also got a great view from the tower. Had to recover a bit from Friday night in Waikiki Beach

On Sunday the Real Challenge 5 man event at Paintball Hawaii on Wheeler Air Force Base was held. I played on a throw together team called Section 245. A team made up of a couple local friends with Tony Perez and myself. I got to shoot a MacDev Droid all day and I think I will write a seperate entry about how that experience was. Hawaii Exodus took 1st and our team Section 245 took 2nd & Pandemonium took 3rd. It was a close battle but a stalemate early in the day bit us in the butt in the end. Hawaii Exodus played some solid ball and have been excelling their game at a quick pace under the constant coaching Garrett and I are providing. We will see how they do in the NPPL San Diego event this weekend! The event ran smooth all day and not a single penalty was given out. One player was ejected for foul mouth and that was it. Great food and prizes capped it off. Smiles were everywhere and people had fun watching a 5 man round robin event with center flag rules. The coolest part of the day was when the sportsmanship award was given to Gary from Team Rapture. The trophies were amazing!

In other news there was a premier going on where Bobbi Billard destroys at guy while giving a massage. Check out the clip below to see the scene..

27 October 2008


Our very own Linh Truong won the ONE ON ONE Challenge!!!! After a grueling 9 game prelims she advanced to finals and defeated Chris Tregarthen last year's champ! They played in a best of three showdown. It was amazing to watch. She is the first female ever to win it and did a great job! She also kept the One on One Hawaii Championship within the LA Hitmen family. We can't win the 3 man there for years now but have the Top Gun on lockdown. Linh has been with the team for an entire season now. She also earned a starting position & key role in the NPPL Jacksonville and OSC St. Louis 1st place finishes events this year.

In the 3 man .. Rapture won it and LA Hitmen took second. It was a great time and laughs were all around. Every team got to play 9 games and got a lot of fun and memorys for a super low cost. Hats off to Kristen and Roland (plus crew of course) for hosting and throwing a great event. It was great to see everyone and we love coming to hawaii, thats for sure... Griff from Hawaii Exodus got to guest with the team and get his feet wet with the OSC. Rature was out in full force, rolling deep! The Assasin8 crew had two teams in it as well.. and did I mention I Love the Wheeler field ?

Watch more YouTube videos on AOL Video

Who: Pump teams from California and Hawaii in the OSC Series
What: OSC 3 on 3 Team & 1 on 1 Top Gun Divisions Paintball Tournament (final of the 2008 season)
When: Late Oct 2008
Where: www.paintballhawaii.com Wheeler Air Force Base Hawaii

23 September 2008

Sonny Lopez on Twitter

Have you checked out Twitter yet? Just a easy way to stay on top of what is going on in the LA Hitmen's owner Sonny Lopez's crazy life.. Sometimes in LA sometimes in Hawaii.. Always interesting and funny for sure.. So if you want the info on paintball, hiking, fast cars, hot women,yoga maia,  good info, funny shart!, you should check it out... Just go to twitter make a quick account and look up sdog024 ... Then you will have the quickest updates for the LA Hitmen behind the scenes info! And more! 

The LA Hitmen win in St. Louis thus locking in the OSC 5 man Pump Paintball Series Title!

With the win at Xtreme the LA Hitmen squad was able to lock in and secure the 5 man 2008 OSC 5 man series title! The LA Hitmen squad for the ST. Louis, MO Xtreme Paintball Park event was Jeff, Linh, Mike, Vanida and guesting for us was John Dresser. They made numerous new friends and got to see honorable play all weekend long. The games were fierce and teams had a great time.

Be sure to download the next free issue of WELT online magazine… The OSC STL event will be in it. If you want to check out the current free issue click here.. http://cde.cerosmedia.com/1Y48aed7f8781c4692.cde.

So now the question is who will take 2nd and 3rd in the OSC Series title race? Rockstar is currently in 2nd and Hundreth is close behind, well 100 points away closein 3rd... Can the Full Clip Pants Party make a strong finish and pull the upset? Actually Naughty, SMT, Flipped Out all are in position to make an upset if Hundreth doesn’t watch out! These are the best pump teams in the world fighting consistently against each other in the OSC series. Stay tuned to see what happens in Hawaii on Oct 25th and 26th www.oscseries.com at Hawaii All Star Paintball Games. Below you can see who the top 7 (5 man) pump teams are in the OSC series.

Rank Final OSC 2008 5 man Series Scores pre-Hawaii
1- 400 LA Hitmen
2- 270 Rockstar Factory
3- 170 Hundredth Monkey
4- 149 Full Clip Pants Party
5- 118 Naughty by Nature
6- 110 Slow Moving Targets
7- 100 Flipped Out

PbNation thread on OSC series… 

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15 August 2008

Free YouTube Vid! lol

Ready to try something new? Make yourself a profile on Sharenow.com and talk to us! You have to try everything once right? Keoni and The Chad are "Live" sometimes.
This video is awesome check it out.. 

LA Hitmen YouTube Videos by the "The Chad"

If you play tournament paintball you have all seen "The Chad" out there with the camera capturing all the action. A very talented young man to say the least. He has filmed various Xball, NPPL, OSC, WPL, XPSL tournaments from Hawaii to Aruba and select scenario events. Including MILSIM GAMES ALPHA & BRAVO. Did you know he taught himself the guitar without any lessons? He loves creating music and various forms of art for all of us to enjoy. So needless to say he edited each video on our YouTube channel! Please check them out!



LA Hitmen Tournament History

1st place Riot Young Guns Division, HSP @ Bellflower, CA

1st place SCXL X-Ball Bracket, The Compound @ Lake Elsinore, CA
1st place OSC 5 man Open #3 HSP @ Bellflower, CA
1st place OSC 3 man Open #3 HSP @ Bellflower, CA
1st place XPSL 3 man Pump Champions @ Victorville, CA
1st place NPPL 5 man Pump Champions @ Jacksonville, FL
1st place NPPL 5 man Pump Champions @ Huntington Beach, CA
7th place D1 7 man Division @ NPPL Huntington Beach, CA
1st place OSC 5 man Open #2, HSP @ Bellflower, CA
1st place OSC 3 man Open #2, HSP @ Bellflower, CA
1st place OSC 5 man Open #1, HSP @ Bellflower, CA
1st place OSC 3 man Open #1, HSP @ Bellflower, CA

2008 Jersey


OSC 3-Man Masters Division - 2007 Series Champions
Sonny  Derrick after a quick win..

3rd place Event #1 OSC
1st place Event #2 OSC
1st place Event #3 OSC
1st place Event #4 OSC
2nd place Event #5 OSC

OSC 5-Man Division - 2007 Series Champions
1st place Event #2 OSC
1st place Event #3 OSC
1st place Event #4 OSC
2nd place event #5 OSC

Chris Tregarthen

Hawaii One-On-One 2007 Champion - Chris Tregarthen

1st place LAH “Fusia” Spyder Cup 3-Man Qualifier, HSP @ Bellflower, CA
6th place LAH “Plaid” Spyder Cup 3-Man Qualifier, HSP @ Bellflower, CA
3rd place LA Hitmen Spyder Cup 3-Man HSP Finals, HSP @ Bellflower, CA

3-Man Splat Riot Young Guns Series Champs

OSC 3 man Series Champs
NSA 2nd place
NSA 5 man Series Champs
Buddy, Bob, Michelle, James at a OSC
2nd place NSA 5 man Masters Event
2006 NPPL D1 (3 events)(25th@HB, 15th@SD, 9th@OC)

3rd Place Ultimate Madness --Rage in the Cage @ Aruba

14 July 2008

SCXL 1st Place Jungle Island

We actually tied for 1st place. Weird huh. Fun event. Love Jungle Island in Lake Elsanore, CA. Some pictures from Gary Baum. Paintballphotography.com

03 July 2008

LA Hitmen YouTube & Tacos

We have over ten videos on YouTube! Check out user name lahitmen. www.youtube.com/lahitmen

We also got Pops Taco's!!! Next time you see Pops grilling it up at one of our practices or at an event bring the cash and he may hook you up with some bomb ass tacos to die for. Thanks Pops!!

19 January 2008

Merry Hossmas Paintball Fun!

We love paintball and make friends wherever we go play ball. You should play some paintball and make more friends!