Trident Defense Firearms (Company visit)

We got to visit Trident Defense on Saturday the day before the World at War 6 paintball event at Paintball Explosion. Trident Defense really knows what they are doing. 98% of everything they do is in house! So they are not outsourcing and waiting for months to get customers guns back. When you first pick one up you think holy shit these are beautiful works of art! My favorite one to shoot was the Glock 42. But I think I will probably get a custom Glock 19 or custom AR pistol from them someday. You have got to hold one of these and shoot it to really appreciate the work they put into it. There has to be a downside right? They did have a 50cal but we didn't get to shoot it. That is it! Next time we will! Check these guys out. I am 100% a fan! 


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