17 December 2014

Linh Truong's Paintball Big Game Charity Event @ ASG 2014

 I never take pics on the field so I tried taking a couple when I could remember to. Carlitos is with me in this pic. We are about to have some fun!

 Here is a team shot at the end of the day. I had a blast, glad I was able to make it. Thank you to all who made it. There are 1st generation Hitmen in this shot and brand new Hitmen still earning their wings, 10 years goes by fast.
 Gary Baum from paintballphotography.com always shoots us, so I thought I would get him in a selfie of my own. Rocking my 1st generation LA Hitmen Jersey 2005.
At the end of the day thousands in prizes were given away. Linh is a natural at this!

10 December 2014

1st Place @ RPL Camp Pendleton!

The LA Hitmen squad brings it home. Good job team!
Who is up there on that podium? Linh, Lynard, Diesel, Jon, Andrea and....?

27 October 2014

Bud Orr, Sarge Morin and myself in the Niche Paintball booth!

Here is a cool pic of my old boss and mentor Bud Orr and my bro Sarge Morin. We are in the Niche Paintball booth enjoying some down time at the recent Decay of Nations held at SC Village. Thank you to Gary Baum for taking this picture! www.paintballphotography.com

23 October 2014

PSP World Cup 2014 - Time to enjoy the warm Florida sun with some paintball peeps

What happens when you put a bunch of crazy paintballers from around the world all to close together in a tourist neighborhood? The PSP World Cup is only once a year and it is time for some Shenanagins!
 My red haired brotha Mr. Greg Hastings picking me up in his Jeep. It is always a good time when we get together.
 Another brotha Mr. Chris Lasoya throwing up and old code of ours. Some things never change. :)
Hanging out at the Anthrax booth with Keara, Bea, Sarge and the entire Anthrax crew. Like my Gun Control Is Using Both Hands t-shirt? Get it from FPS RUSSIA right now! CLICK HERE
Here I am checking out CK (Contract Killer Fight Life) custom laser works of art by Chris Corcino himself. I am rocking the KM straw hat and an Anthrax Machine fully subed shirt.
You know you are going to have fun at the DYE booth. We had to get a picture with Tam and Rocky. LOVE Dye they continue to kill it.
Dee is all smiles and she should be, the Destiny team played so good! Sarah is just there for moral support and to show off her smile. She might have played I am not sure actually. It is kind of a blur now that I think about it. The photobomber is Justin from the MadFrogs out of Michigan, you can guess where his other hand is.
I loved our place. Not to many people came over and it was nice and quiet. Oh yea we coached and watched some top level paintball all week. It was epic. Saw some sweet moves, spills, and plain old fun all week long. See you on the field. #PLAYPAINTBALLFOREVER

27 August 2014

20 April 2014

BRPL 2011/ 2012 Back to Back Series Champions Apug Jersey by Anthrax Paintball

Saw this pic of Linh's Anthrax Paintball Apug and had to share it. This was the coolest prize ever from a league! Thank you BRPL! They are custom jerseys commemorating the back to back series championships made by Anthrax Paintball. The BRPL is the local pump league located in Southern California. The team members that contributed to the two season back to back championships run are: Derrick Obatake, Linh Truong, Mike Masushige, Tony Tran, Chris Tregarthen and Lyle Ennis. All their names are on each limited edition jersey! I think I want of of these!

20 February 2014

1st Place LA HITMEN @ 2014 Chosen 4 Pump Paintball Series

1st - LA Hitmen
2nd - BNI
3rd - LA Aztecas
4th - Check-it

Held at Warped Paintball Park in Los Angeles. The team members representing the LA Hitmen were Mike (capt), Derrick, Linh (Killer Cupcake), Lyle, and Daniel.

If know the kind of pants Linh is rocking and know the name any movie Steel Flame has product placement in post it on our Facebook Fan Page and you can win some free Hitmen stickers sent to your house.

Here is a link to the pictures posted on Facebook. Thank you to the Chosen 4 staff and sponsors for throwing the event and posting the pics up.

Here is a link to their home page: https://www.facebook.com/Chosen4PumpSeries

20 January 2014


Have you seen the new Hitmen limited edition barrel? Check it out at our online store. All the specs are there. If you get yourself a SARGE kit for a Tippmann TiPX be sure to get yourself a limited edition LA Hitmen barrel. The barrel features a "Hammerhead" compatible thread for different tips. Only for those who want the best should get this, 100% Made in the USA barrel in Van Nuys, CA. Private label barrels are available, just message us.

If you want to get the SARGE kit and the barrel at the same time head over to Engler Paintball and they will take care of you. Here is the direct link.