16 April 2013

NPPL HB 2013

Some featured Hitmen were playing for a couple teams on the beach.

Xclusive takes 3rd place Semi-Pro D1
Featured Hitmen on the team were: Carlos Robles, David "J" Robles, Sergio Gomez, Miguel Espinoza, Michael Estiamba.

Aggressive made Sunday in Semi_Pro D1
But as luck would have it had to face Xclusive in the quarter-finals.
Featured Hitmen on the team were: Ernest Romo, Douglas MacCallum, Ryan Ortega, Adam "Diesal" Amado, and Randy "Cool Beans" Galang.

Destiny took 4th in D4 5-Man. Those girls make us proud. Daniel and myself helped coach the various squads. It was a fun event yet some of the refs really do kill the experience. More NPPL's on the beach! Thank you for continuing to use that venue. I am sure three events on the beach a year would be so amazing.

15 April 2013

Paintball Sniper Rifle

D-Day ADVERTISEMENT released by Carmatech Engineering creators of the SAR12 paintball sniper rifle. It recently won a paintball sniper competition by shooting 100 yard targets with finned paintballs. (called First Strikes)