17 December 2014

Linh Truong's Paintball Big Game Charity Event @ ASG 2014

 I never take pics on the field so I tried taking a couple when I could remember to. Carlitos is with me in this pic. We are about to have some fun!

 Here is a team shot at the end of the day. I had a blast, glad I was able to make it. Thank you to all who made it. There are 1st generation Hitmen in this shot and brand new Hitmen still earning their wings, 10 years goes by fast.
 Gary Baum from paintballphotography.com always shoots us, so I thought I would get him in a selfie of my own. Rocking my 1st generation LA Hitmen Jersey 2005.
At the end of the day thousands in prizes were given away. Linh is a natural at this!

10 December 2014

1st Place @ RPL Camp Pendleton!

The LA Hitmen squad brings it home. Good job team!
Who is up there on that podium? Linh, Lynard, Diesel, Jon, Andrea and....?