Want to be a Hitmen? Colorado Hitmen, Texas Hitmen, and other areas email us!

 Come play paintball! We have fun but also strive to be the best we can be. Join something that becomes a lifestyle and discover how far you can push yourself. Pictured above is some recruits (Black/ dark jerseys) hanging with some Tactical LA Hitmen (Green jerseys) and tourney (Brown jerseys) LA Hitmen players at SC Village Paintball park in Corona, CA. 
 Learn communication, teamwork, problem solving, and have fun at the same time. Pictured above is a LA Hitmen squad at Dead Legends in Sacramento, CA. The guy from the other team in the horns is sneaky and had to be laughing as the pic was being taken.  Recruits rocking Giant Tactical pants. 
 We have squads playing tournaments, big games, scenarios, magfed and opfor services. What format do you want to participate in? This was a 2017 first place finish in the UPL Pump Division. See that wad of cash? Good job team! 
 If you want to come to big games with us that is great. You can also head to California to learn from the LA Hitmen pump legends! Pictured above: Rik, Mike, Tony, Derrick. They practice at Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA and The Ranch Paintball Park in Whittier, CA. 
If you want to create a Hitmen squad in your area or want to join up you have to reach out to us. Lots of teams knockoff the skull and wings and even try to copy by using our Hitmen family name. But there is only one official Hitmen family/team to join. We are growing membership in California, Colorado, and Texas! Where else should we be looking? 
BTW LA Hitmen is registered by the USPTO. 

Email: Sonny@teamlahitmen.com for more info 


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