23 January 2017

Paintball Athlete: Healthy packaged foods to check out

I often get asked how I can stay healthy when on the road. Back in 2008 when I got serious about my health it was rather difficult. But these days finding healthy packaged food is much easier. With companies now offering actual food in a package we have it made. I have an updated list of the healthy packaged foods I enjoy on Hubba. CLICK HERE

Just so you know:
You have to try Foods Alive Power Crackers. Their Curry and Lemon ones are outstanding so be sure to try a couple different flavors. Dip them in their Superfood Ranch and you will be a happy camper. Their direct link is above and a couple of their products you will find on the first link in this post. Happy Hunting!

11 January 2017

360 Fly Camera for paintball use (360FLY)

Thinking back to Sept 2016 at SC Village. It was fun using those 360 cameras and the footage was mind blowing. Hopefully more people try these cameras in paintball and other sports! Thank you for sponsoring Destiny and ourselves at the World Record Game 360Fly! www.350fly.com