20 February 2014

1st Place LA HITMEN @ 2014 Chosen 4 Pump Paintball Series

1st - LA Hitmen
2nd - BNI
3rd - LA Aztecas
4th - Check-it

Held at Warped Paintball Park in Los Angeles. The team members representing the LA Hitmen were Mike (capt), Derrick, Linh (Killer Cupcake), Lyle, and Daniel.

If know the kind of pants Linh is rocking and know the name any movie Steel Flame has product placement in post it on our Facebook Fan Page and you can win some free Hitmen stickers sent to your house.

Here is a link to the pictures posted on Facebook. Thank you to the Chosen 4 staff and sponsors for throwing the event and posting the pics up.

Here is a link to their home page: https://www.facebook.com/Chosen4PumpSeries