25 October 2016

BUZZFEED Regular People vs Paintballers!

We got to take part in a BUZZFEED video to promote paintball and how fun it is.

Check this BUZZFEED video out and give it a like and a share!

Thank you Hollywood Sports Park, Giant Tactical and BUZZFEED for a great time!

20 October 2016

Dead Legends paintball game in Sacramento by CPX Sports

If you have pics from this event please let us know! We have almost none. I found a pic of the LA Hitmen recruits and a dude missing his sleeves at Dead Legends in Sacramento on Saturday. This was a paintball big game / scenario that was fun in the crazy rain! The horses rule was kind of nuts but that wasn't a big deal. Big thanks to CPX Sports and Honue! Thank you to everyone who came out! Proud of the recruits who made the long drive to join the rest of us there! Remember when you have fun at these big game be sure to support the sponsors who help make it happen. Without them we would not be able to have so much fun with so many players. #paintball4life

07 October 2016

Dead Legends - Murrieta Gang - October 14 - 16 2016

Can't wait for this epic game! Looks like it will be a wet battle in Sacramento! Doesn't matter who wins, in these games we all win! As long as some kids walk away with some free guns I will be happy. Looking forward to some fun! Thank you www.cpxsports.com