12 July 2017

Sonny Lopez and Greg Hastings at Paintball Explosion: World at War 6

This was an insane game! I want to play at this field all the time! Greg and I were placed on separate teams. One LA Hitmen per side. Tj wanted it that way so TJ gets what he wants! So Greg got teamed up with the Wolf and they hunted me. I didn't get a Wolf to help me hunt Greg! We never actually got to find each other but we all had some crazy fun along the way. Check out Greg's game (that is FREE) on your mobile phone and check out the Wolf's Den on YOUTUBE! 

During the final battle Mr.H www.hkarmy.com and I were on the same side and Aztek, Reaper, the Midnight Angel were putting in serious work. My loaders batteries died right as the final battle game was starting and a Mad Frog Militia member stepped up and gave me his hopper. He would not take no for an answer. Thank you brother! Much props to the entire Mad Frog Militia for being there for another player. Much respect. Give them some love and check out their sponsors for sure! www.madfrogmilitia.com www.gisports.com 

Fact #1: Paintball Explosion is one of the coolest fields in our nation!

Fact #2: Paintball Explosion is a bucket list paintball field.  You have to play there sometime!

Fact #3: The World at War series is pretty awesome and tons of fun for everyone. Check out Payroll's other games and be sure meet me at the next World at War 7! 

See you on the field! Meet me at Paintball Explosion anytime I am going to play a game there! I need more pics from the game! Who was the photographers at this game? 

11 July 2017

Shooting Trident Defense firearms at Gat Guns

I will own a Trident Defense Firearm!  The trigger is crisp, the action is smooth, they are lightweight and they simply look sexy af. We had so much fun shooting the custom Trident Defense glock 17 and glock 42 at Gat Guns. www.gatguns.com Gat guns is probably one of the biggest gun stores I have ever been to!  They had everything!  The only work of art I wanted to check out that I couldn't find there was the Fightlife Industries MCR. (My current unicorn bangstick)

Fact #1: Trident Defense custom Glocks are bad ass.

Fact #2: I will own a Trident Defense someday! 

Fact #3: TJ kicked our asses at the range. I need to practice more. Who was there? Wolf, TJ, Reaper, Aztek, Graeme, and myself. There was a young couple there that was wondering why Reaper was shooting all the pvc but that is another story. ;)

Trident Defense Firearms (Company visit)

We got to visit Trident Defense on Saturday the day before the World at War 6 paintball event at Paintball Explosion. Trident Defense really knows what they are doing. 98% of everything they do is in house! So they are not outsourcing and waiting for months to get customers guns back. When you first pick one up you think holy shit these are beautiful works of art! My favorite one to shoot was the Glock 42. But I think I will probably get a custom Glock 19 or custom AR pistol from them someday. You have got to hold one of these and shoot it to really appreciate the work they put into it. There has to be a downside right? They did have a 50cal but we didn't get to shoot it. That is it! Next time we will! Check these guys out. I am 100% a fan! www.tridentdefense.com 

01 July 2017

Tony Tran at Kings of Pump / the Ranch / Private Paintball Field

Location: the Ranch in Whittier, CA
Event: Kings of Pump
Pic by:  Kevin of So Cal Fishing Addicts
A true OG. 
Never complains or asks for a pat on the back.
Never brings negative energy to the field. 
Consistently there to win and to have a good time. 
Knows playing paintball is a luxury and we are lucky to experience it. 
Pump Squad 
Bringing home wins every year since 2005 

Thank you Kevin!