LA Hitmen's Sonny Lopez is heading to Paintball Explosion for World at War 6!

I can't wait to return to Paintball Explosion next month! This field is an insanely good time and the game is crazy fun! Be sure to check out the World at War 6 event sponsors and consider buying their gear! They support events and we need to support them back. Meet me at this game and we will roll onto the field together!

They have a indoor laser tag field that is one of the biggest in the USA! They are basically an old santas village turned into a paintball field! If that isn't enough Paintball Explosion also has the field from Call of Duty called Nuketown to scale in real life! Yes you can play the map Nuketown in real life at Paintball Explosion! To top it off they have a bar on site. There is nothing like Paintball Explosion in the world. If you are a serious paintballer you have to add this field to your bucket list. Your yearly bucket list IMO. I try to make it out there once and year and that simply isn't enough. Hats off to TJ and Romeo for a kick ass field! Hats off to Payroll Productions for producing the World at War game series! I can't wait! Did I say that already?

The competition is tough at Paintball Explosion. It was a hard battle last year! Can't wait to rock my new gear at this years game! Thank you to Catshack Reports for the media coverage!
The Wolf and I. We had to take a picture together. We have gotten to know each other a lot more these last couple of years and I enjoy our conversations immensely. We use completely different equipment and sponsors but we are on the same page. Life is good, have fun and play PAINTALL!
 Having dinner with TJ and Romeo and the crew from World at War 5 2016. That was an amazing dinner guys! Good laughs and lots of stares from the other diners lol. Can't wait for this years fun!
The fun is about to go down at Paintball Explosion! Head over there for your birthday party, getting hitched last night of fun party, graduation party, divorce party, new job party. Just go make up some reason you and your friends need to go play paintball!

Paintball: The most fun you can have with your clothes on!


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