28 June 2016

Destiny vs Hitmen World Record Game to be held during Decay of Nations 10 at SC Village!

These are some behind the scenes pics from the recent video shoot involving Team Destiny and the LA Hitmen. Both Destiny and Hitmen will be picking the best in shape competitors from around the country. Multiple tryout days are planned. One was this past Sunday. There will be another one in July in So Cal at SC Village or HSP. The tryouts in August will be held at high altitude Hitmen Academy in Colorado.

The actual record attempt will start on Sept 23rd 2016 and climax on Sept 24th 2016. The top 15 female and make paintball players will be included. The actual game is a 5vs5 continuous battle with reincarnation and twists along the way. Nobody can leave the field area and we will play through the night! Special thanks to all the Hitmen, team Destiny, Chris IQ, Red Silva, Wayne, Gio, Dennis, Team Grrl on Grrl, and our staff and helpers that are priceless. Thank you! Now it is almost time to break a record.