A recruit gets his brown jersey! Matt M. is now on the pump squad!

LA Hitmen Recruits Field Trip to Giant Tactical San Diego

1st Place LA HITMEN / Chosen 4 Pump Event

1st Place LA HITMEN / UPL Pump Division - @ Jungle Island Paintball Park

Time to head to Canada this June! D-Day at Commando Paintball

Paintball Athlete: Healthy packaged foods to check out

25 Hour World Record Paintball Game Destiny vs Hitmen - Paintball Gateway

LA Hitmen / GT FAM Toy Drive at Hollywood Sports

Linh Truong's Paintball Charity Big Game at ASG

December 11th! Linh Truong's Big Game Charity Event! Join us!

Niche Element LA Hitmen Team Edition: Only 25 Made! All 25 made in the USA ;)

Want to join the LA Hitmen? LA Hitmen Recruit Program