Get your own Destiny vs Hitmen jersey for a limited time!

You can order your own Destiny vs Hitmen Anthrax jersey with your name and number on it today!
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Paintball Clinics and Paintball Camps with Sonny Lopez

Need paintball training or a coach? Need a paintball clinic? Want a professional host to run your private paintball outing? Want to improve a certain skill set? Give me an email at Either you can come out to the new private Hitmen Academy proving grounds to learn at 6,000 feet above sea level in Colorado or I can come to you. Just an email away.

Team Tags for the win! Paintball jerseys vs duct tape never again!

Tired of having duct tape on your bad ass paintball jersey? Team Tags is exactly what you want. Get your color, team name, and number on them! You want to buy some red and blue for sure! I love mine!

Check out their page here!

Immortal Air paintball air systems by Dan Colby

I can't wait to get some Immortal Air Custom Team Tanks! Thank you Dan Colby for making this happen! Check out their line of custom tanks for your team or store or field!

Kickstarter for World Record Paintball Game!

Please help us out!

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Watch the video

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Follow the Kickstarter link on the Facebook page to support it! 

Step 4 
Post on our page that you supported it! Thank you!