December 11th! Linh Truong's Big Game Charity Event! Join us!

This event promoted by Linh Truong helps out a charity every December! Come out and join us!  Lots of prizes and dozens of sponsors! www.facebook.combigcharitygame

Niche Element LA Hitmen Team Edition: Only 25 Made! All 25 made in the USA ;)

They are almost done! I tested my prototype for over a year and a half before we signed off on this team edition element. Only a couple are being released to the public. Check out to get yours today!  MADE IN THE USA! I can't wait to get mine!
MADE IN THE USA! MEANING ALL OF IT. NOT JUST MOST OF IT OR PART OF IT, ALL OF IT. Much props to Niche Paintball for showing it can be done. Just got to work together! #love

Want to join the LA Hitmen? LA Hitmen Recruit Program

We and I are very proud of our 2015/2016 recruits.
Some have quit and some are training harder than ever.
Many are on their way to becoming full fledged Hitmen. 

So do you want to join the Hitmen team/family?
Next years 2017 tryouts are being planned now.
Do you use a pump gun?
Will a paintball field and store vouch for you?
Will your past team vouch for you?
Do you have passion for paintball and for the people who play? 
Has anybody told you that you are a positive ambassador for paintball?

If you said yes....
We have a code of conduct you would have to follow.
We have multiple squads in multiple formats you can train with and get to know. 
We are looking for great people to join our family.
We love paintball and you have to as well. 

So far nothing is changing from the last years traditions.
No drama. No drinking. No cigarettes.  
Initial joining fee is combined with your first jersey purchase.
After that is out of the way you will receive team sponsorship pricing from all of our sponsors. We do not charge our team members for training, coaching, mentoring and more so the team joining fee helps cover those expenses. If you quit the team at any time the joining fees are nonrefundable. You will get discounts to events, discounts on gear, and be included in one of the longest running teams in history. You will stand out and make a positive difference in this sport we all love so much.

If you want to tryout for the LA Hitmen in Southern California or want to attend the Hitmen Academy in Colorado email myself directly.

BUZZFEED Regular People vs Paintballers!

We got to take part in a BUZZFEED video to promote paintball and how fun it is.

Check this BUZZFEED video out and give it a like and a share!

Thank you Hollywood Sports Park, Giant Tactical and BUZZFEED for a great time!

Dead Legends - Murrieta Gang - October 14 - 16 2016

Can't wait for this epic game! Looks like it will be a wet battle in Sacramento! Doesn't matter who wins, in these games we all win! As long as some kids walk away with some free guns I will be happy. Looking forward to some fun! Thank you

25 Hours Non Stop Paintball! Longest Paintball Marathon World Record set at SC Village Sept 24 2016

 The new record is 25 hours straight! Thank you to all who helped make this happen!
Support the companies who support paintball! Check them out and share with your friends!

LA Hitmen World Record Team: L to R
Bottom: Zack, Tony Perez, Sam Carrillo
Top: Ron, Randy Cool Beans, Ben, Taylor, myself ;)

 That center bunker created by Legacy 3DFX saw some action! If you ever need something totally custom you know who to email!    The buzzer was provided by the AFPL / Redzone league! If you like exciting paintball action you have to check out the Redzone format on YouTube! 
Team Destiny World Record Team: L to R
Bottom: Linh Ann, Ivonne, Alycia
Top: Bea, Pineapple, Allison, Kelly, Rosie
Scorekeeper / Paperwork: Sarah

Get your own Destiny vs Hitmen jersey for a limited time!

You can order your own Destiny vs Hitmen Anthrax jersey with your name and number on it today!
Visit our website and put your order in asap. These will not be available for very long. Help support us!
$185 plus $10 shipping for USA addresses. For international it is $20 shipping. Let us know your name, number and size!