20 May 2015

07 May 2015

Supergame 2015 RoadTrip with LA Hitmen from Hitmen Academy Colorado

Our roadtrip to Supergame 48 started at the Hitmen Academy in Norwood, CO. Once we hit Salt Lake City, UT we ran into trouble though. Our driver at the time (Kat B.) did a great job not killing us and we ended up having to stay the night in UT putting us behind schedule. The van was going to be down for some hours so we killed some time and made fun of each other.
 I had to take a quick pic of the team van being unloaded from the flatbed tow truck. This van has been through a lot with us! Luckly there was a Mexican restaurant near us and we posted up and watched the hours go by.
The next morning (Friday) we got back on the road we quickly forgot about the delay. Next stop Sniperz Den in St. Paul, OR for the best paintball game I have ever been to: Supergame.tv!
 Once there we pretty much shot everyone who looked at us. We played from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. I was to busy shooting people to get pics but I did snap this one of my tongue tickling Gen's head. Notice that sexy Anthrax Paintball custom jersey I am rocking? Check them out here!
Before you know it the weekend is over! Historically our team plays on the third faction Renegade side so we help balance out the game itself for game promoter Dan Bonebrake. At the awards ceremony we received a team award and we all couldn't be happier getting an award from his event. Dan was a Professional Paintball Player when I was growing up and I thought he was one the good guys to look up too. 20 years later he puts on one of the best paintball games in the world and I am lucky to be able to travel to his game annually and participate. Hats off to Dan and his entire staff to get Supergame to where it is now! I am a massive fan of this game!
At the end of the game it was time to take off way to soon. So the clothes had to come off first, yes the females were happy. ;) Mr. Greg (owner of Sniperz Den) has probably the coolest field in the North West USA and it is located in St. Paul, OR. You have to check it out and you have to come to a Supergame with us! Join us Hitmen or play against us. It doesn't matter as long as I see you on the field. Plan your year around it, simple. www.supergame.tv