25 February 2013

Hitmen in Hawaii: Airsoft fun at Hawaii All Star Paintball and Airsoft Games

Yes we play Airsoft too. Why? There are more than a couple reasons but what stands out is: 1. Muscle memory for magazine fed fun. 2. Cause it feels like the real thing when engaging. 3. It is like dress up for guys. 4. And well it doesn't leave a mess. So when our friends say "Oh paintball hurts to much or makes to much of a mess", we then offer to play airsoft instead, they always think we are just playing around. No we play for keeps and play hard. Airsoft is just another way to shoot your buddies up.

Background on the squad: Derrick Obatake has been leading the Hitmen charge into the Airsoft games since last season. The squad is slowly growing and this year Derrick wanted to visit longtime friend Brandon Cayetano and play some Airsoft and Paintball at Brandon's famous field in Hawaii: Hawaii All Star Paintball and Airsoft Games. Some longtime OG Hitmen and one newer Hitmen signed up for the Hawaiian adventure! From the OG old guard Tony Tran, Chris Tregarthen joined Derrick. Both Tony and Chris are lifetime paintballers and have been with the Hitmen since day one. They also enjoy airsoft with Derrick when he talks them into it.

On to the lady killers: Linh Truong also signed up, she has been a Hitmen since 2008 helping bring home multiple 1st place wins with the pump squad. Linh made headlines in 2012 when she joined up with Bea Young's Destiny family in midseason for semi auto based tournaments. (The Hitmen and Destiny are close teams and borrow players and help each other often) And a newer face to the Hitmen family is Kat Secor who is actively earning her wings this year playing airsoft, pump paintball and big games with the Hitmen. Those of you who follow the tournament paintball scene know Kat Secor as the captain of Bea Youngs' Destiny Paintball and a former Femme Fatale team member. The final member of the this weekends crew is Kat Gong who came out with Tony and the rest of the team to join in on the Hawaiian adventure, Kat Gong made paintball history back when she was barely able to play by starting the Fallen Angels out of New Jersey. It was the youngest all female paintball team in history. This was such an important step for females in paintball they were featured in the very first Facefull issue ever (Issue #1). Kat Gong who has played on both Destiny and LA Hitmen squads in the past has since retired from the field but is active with helping run the UWL with Tom Cole. Ok enough of the history lesson lets see what happened.

"A Gathering of Angels" event flyer for Hawaii All Star Paintball & Airsoft Games with Derrick Obatake and Shin Tanaka. Everyone knows Derrick Obatake! He is the 1 on 1 Ninja! When you beat him in a 1 on 1 you literally get a prize! So challenge him if your up for it and when you visit Hawaii (Oahu) you have to play a day of paintball or airsoft at Brandon's field! 

Looks like a smoke grenade! Chris Tregarthen and Tony Tran playing Airsoft at Hawaii All Star Paintball and Airsoft Games. Look at Tony Tran shoot that M4(?) left handed. Being able to shoot with either hand gives you an advantage in any exchange. 

Derrick Obatake cutting the pie on someone about to die as Tony Tran rips up the center. Working together is key to winning games. You have to trust your partner, communicate and make moves to get the job done. The event was sponsored by Steel Flame so be sure to check out the works of art available. You will be surprised. 

Derrick Obatake putting in extra work on the Airsoft fields. Derrick is rocking V-Tac Valken combat pants and probably just shot someone as this picture was taken. 

Kat Secor, Tony Tran and Linh Truong enjoying their time at Brandon's field. Looks like an explosion of patches all over Kat and Linh. 

Linh Truong, Kat Secor, and Derrick Obatake all played in V-Tac Valken pants this weekend. Linh and Kat are sponsored by them now via Destiny. Derrick told us he just straight up likes the V-Tac pants! Can't wait to hear the follow up report on how well the V-Tacs performed. 

The entire event was sponsored by Steel Flame so be sure to "Like" them on Facebook. We all know your addicted to that Blue/White screen combo. 

22 February 2013

21 February 2013

Do your goggles fog? Get FLEXR !!

FLEXR is a complete one-piece fan kit offering the best solution to fogging!

Coming in a STAINLESS STEEL encasing, it will resist impact and rough conditions. No more cheap plastic!

Powered by a single AA battery, it will average 10 hours of continuous play: switch it on and enjoy fog-free play all day long!

FLEXhas 2 fan modules, each controlled independently to blow or suck air: create your the air conditions to meet your needs (BB, SS, BS, SB).

FLEXcomes with the option to vary fan speed, making it possible to create a soft airflow if needed, or a strong breeze when fogging occurs!

FLEXis a one-piece kit. Easily installed with the custom mounting hooks provided, FLEXR can be mounted inside or outside almost any mask (paintball, airsoft, ski...) in minutes!

FLEXuses our unique FLEX Technology, allowing fan modules to be pivoted to better fit surfaces!

Included in the box:
- 1 FLEXR unit with 1 year warranty, no question asked (exchange)
- 1 AA DURACELL battery so you can use the kit on the spot
- 2 sets of custom mounting hooks (1 short set,1 long set) for easy installation
- Package of cable ties and velcro, in case you want to be creative!

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Fanz Kits Website

15 February 2013

Rumors Buddy Young to return to the field?

Rumors are confirmed Buddy Young will be returning to the field after years of semi retirement. Buddy and his superman dives were made popular in the WGN Tv Show "Rage in the Cage" / UAPL filmed in Las Vegas and Aruba.

We asked Buddy about him returning to the field to represent the Hitmen. His response was clear: "Making a come back is one of the most difficult things to do with dignity. I hope i live up to everyones thoughts about me." -Buddy Young LA HITMEN 

He is one of the original OG LA Hitmen. He has been playing since 2000. His favorite memories was traveling with friends and the nature of competition. He is a HITMEN at heart and is now ready to roll again. Now the real questions start... What squad will he join? What gun is he going to shoot? What event will be his first in years? 

Buddy Young is pictured on the far right. This image is from the WGN TV show filmed in Las Vegas. 

14 February 2013



MAY 3-5, 2013
SniperzDen Paintball
20794 French Prairie Rd.
St. Paul, OR 97137

Join us! We will road trip to this event! 

Want to start a Hitmen paintball team in your area?

We are taking applications for teams and individuals who want to join the Hitmen paintball family in other geographic locations. There is now a chance to join the official Hitmen family. In the past you had to endure 9 months of training usually under one of the squad captains or myself only available in So Cal. The training will continue in So Cal and now we have created a way for you to be able to go through the elite Hitmen training in your area earning your right to become a fully winged Hitmen. The roots of the Original Hitmen go back to the late 1980's in the paintball scene. We trademarked LA 'Hitmen' (with no claim to the LA part) years ago knowing big things were to come if we stood by our plan and achieved our short term and long term goals. That single move made a bigger impact on the teams equity than we would have ever thought possible. Google LA Hitmen sometime and its pretty cool what you will find.

Our first squad (our test squad) to be put together outside of the So Cal area is the Oakland Hitmen. The Oakland squad is led by Lester Samano who also serves in the US Air Force.  They are a small group of pump players in the Northern California area who love to play pump paintball and love to have a good time. You can find them at Davis Paintball quite a bit and other paintball fields nearby.

Our second remote squad is currently being built on the Western Slope of Colorado. They are just starting their training. The Colorado Hitmen will make their debut this Summer at a game to be announced at a later date. They are being led by Mark Garcia who has been a well known and long standing member of the LA Hitmen. Mark Garcia was one of the featured LA Hitmen players to be in Greg Hastings Paintball famous video game and knows what it takes to build a successful team.

Do you want to be the next squad? Think you have what it takes? Want to be an member of something elite and hard to join? If you can pass our training course and show us what you got you WILL earn your wings. You will become one of the elite Hitmen! Send us an email lahitmen@gmail.com or hit us up on Facebook. We will send you an application. And be sure to check out all the Hitmen gear and merchandise we are coming out with! Its a great year to be a Hitmen and an even better year to start your training to join the Hitmen family.

Oakland Hitmen at Supergame in St. Paul Oregon in 2012. 1st place! 
Todd, Daniel, Randy, Ebert and blurry? 

who is next?

05 February 2013

Patch-werk.com sponsors the LA Hitmen paintball team

Check it out! Patch-werk.com from Germany is now sponsoring the LA Hitmen! I wonder how many different patches they will make with this new deal!