27 October 2014

Bud Orr, Sarge Morin and myself in the Niche Paintball booth!

Here is a cool pic of my old boss and mentor Bud Orr and my bro Sarge Morin. We are in the Niche Paintball booth enjoying some down time at the recent Decay of Nations held at SC Village. Thank you to Gary Baum for taking this picture! www.paintballphotography.com

23 October 2014

PSP World Cup 2014 - Time to enjoy the warm Florida sun with some paintball peeps

What happens when you put a bunch of crazy paintballers from around the world all to close together in a tourist neighborhood? The PSP World Cup is only once a year and it is time for some Shenanagins!
 My red haired brotha Mr. Greg Hastings picking me up in his Jeep. It is always a good time when we get together.
 Another brotha Mr. Chris Lasoya throwing up and old code of ours. Some things never change. :)
Hanging out at the Anthrax booth with Keara, Bea, Sarge and the entire Anthrax crew. Like my Gun Control Is Using Both Hands t-shirt? Get it from FPS RUSSIA right now! CLICK HERE
Here I am checking out CK (Contract Killer Fight Life) custom laser works of art by Chris Corcino himself. I am rocking the KM straw hat and an Anthrax Machine fully subed shirt.
You know you are going to have fun at the DYE booth. We had to get a picture with Tam and Rocky. LOVE Dye they continue to kill it.
Dee is all smiles and she should be, the Destiny team played so good! Sarah is just there for moral support and to show off her smile. She might have played I am not sure actually. It is kind of a blur now that I think about it. The photobomber is Justin from the MadFrogs out of Michigan, you can guess where his other hand is.
I loved our place. Not to many people came over and it was nice and quiet. Oh yea we coached and watched some top level paintball all week. It was epic. Saw some sweet moves, spills, and plain old fun all week long. See you on the field. #PLAYPAINTBALLFOREVER