Sonny Lopez at Living Legends 10 held at CPX Paintball Park in Illinois

If you haven't attended a Living Legends event and you play paintball more than 4 times a year you have to get on a plane and plan to attend one! Plan to head to Midway or O'hare in May of next year. This is a bucket list field and event. If you don't have anyone to go with reach out to us! We like to make new friends and can help plan things out. This event is rock solid, be sure to preregister for everything. After reading this Youtube the final battle at Living Legends 10. If you haven't seen this battle in person you have to check it out. The event also features massive paintball battles, smoke, missions, vendors, bikini contest, etc etc 

Huge Thank you goes out to Respect Paintball for their continued support! We could not have done it without you guys. #legit Much love to MDP, Mad Frog, Destiny and the rest of the teams out having a great time.

This season I am using a ton of new gear. The Push Paintball goggles are so legit. They protect me a lot more than what I am used to. (In comparison with JT USA Pro Flex system) The Push paintball system comfort creates a new bar to compete with, it is flexible where it needs to be, is clear, light weight, sexy, and the adjustable nose bridge is just genius. The Niche Element LA Hitmen Sonny Lopez #01 edition is pictured above. Lots of people were checking it out at the Immortal Air booth. This thing shoots laser beams and is so dam accurate it isn't fair. I am seriously in love with this pump gun! Have turned down offers in the $1,200 range multiple times already from people who want to buy her. Even though I had the Niche at the IA booth I actually used my new Dynasty G6R the entire event! Playing that wall during the final battle is 100% more fun with a space gun in your hands. 

The air system above is a Dan Colby Immortal Air SL420 edition. Contact your local dealer and ask them to order you one of those air systems. The regulator operated perfectly and the entire system are super light weight. I have always been a fan of Dan Colby designs and safety. He puts years of experience and hard work into his designs! My new loader is a Level Loader by GI Sports. This thing has been rock solid since day one and I have used the same batteries this entire time! I honestly love all the new gear this year has brought. Can't wait to see the new Push gear bags and the new KM straps coming out soon!

Last mission of the day. Bill from Mad Frog asked me to find a temple and bring this gold head back. I usually don't do the missions I just like to shoot people. But anything for Bill so this mission was getting done. Once I knew what I had to do I wanted to start asap. Only two players were near me and I wanted to leave stat even though someone was getting us a bunch of troops to support the mission. I couldn't wait, one player didn't want to go with me but the other did. You might recognize her from MDP and Ninja Death Squad. We ran off and heard that the area might still be clear. Literally sprinting the entire way we encountered not a single opponent. Once at the temple it felt like Indiana Jones. The props and lighting and entire design was impressive. Hats off to CPX Sports for giving a shit how things look on the paintball field. #AWESOME  I crept into the temple expecting a hidden kid to blast me as soon as I would grab the golden head. I also expected a trap or explosion. But nothing happened. No smoke. No bomb. No hidden assassin. Once I grabbed the golden head I turned and ran as fast as I could. My backup was right next to me and we got out of there like the place was on fire. Once we got back to the base Bill said that was probably the fastest mission complete of the entire Living Legends 10 event. Not sure if that was accurate but we had to take a pic and certainly were happy with our success.  Teamwork makes the dream work everyone!

At the end of the event I throw (a box full) one of my favorite snacks in the world the Lemon Crackers from Foods Alive to the crowd!You have to try those out! They are a gateway healthy snack. Buy them now! I also love their Hemp oil and Hemp powder. You will not be disappointed. So many people came up to me and said "OMG These are really good!" Huge Thank You to Foods Alive for supporting paintball players doing what they love to do.
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