16 January 2013

The BRPL Trophy is as tall as Linh and Chloe!

We got our 2012 BRPL Trophy and realized pretty quick the BRPL does not mess around! They do have the coolest Race2 format out there. Race2 action with a tiny field and no coaching.

10 January 2013

AFPL UNION Pump Day at SC Village

On Sunday an all pump game was held at SC Village. We thought that was a great way to start the new year. Nothing like streetball pump games all day long! It was the first event of the 2013 season and all Hitmen present had an extra special reason to be there. BRPL awarded the team the 2012 Series Championship Trophy!  Linh, Jon, Daniel, Mike (Captain), Derrick, Joe, Chloe, Donny, and Lyle pictured.

Anthrax to sponsor the LA Hitmen in 2013

Anthrax Clothing and the LA Hitmen are proud to announce a new marketing sponsorship for 2013. LA Hitmen will play in Anthrax Brigante style jerseys and use a assortment of custom Anthrax gear. Including hoodies, podbags, banners, headbands, boardshorts and more. This will be the first official jersey sponsor the LA Hitmen have even signed with. Look for LA Hitmen soft goods to be available both from the LA Hitmen and from Anthrax's website.

Anthrax was established in 2010 with the focus on paintball soft goods. Since the beginning high quality materials and design has been the company's "engine". This focus has led to rapid growth as teams around the world realize the Anthrax jerseys and other soft goods are of high quality and fit. To learn more about Anthrax please visit their website.

LA Hitmen have been winning paintball events since 2005. With multiple squads focusing on different formats the Hitmen are active in all forms of paintball. You can visit the LA Hitmen Facebook Fan page here.