27 October 2008


Our very own Linh Truong won the ONE ON ONE Challenge!!!! After a grueling 9 game prelims she advanced to finals and defeated Chris Tregarthen last year's champ! They played in a best of three showdown. It was amazing to watch. She is the first female ever to win it and did a great job! She also kept the One on One Hawaii Championship within the LA Hitmen family. We can't win the 3 man there for years now but have the Top Gun on lockdown. Linh has been with the team for an entire season now. She also earned a starting position & key role in the NPPL Jacksonville and OSC St. Louis 1st place finishes events this year.

In the 3 man .. Rapture won it and LA Hitmen took second. It was a great time and laughs were all around. Every team got to play 9 games and got a lot of fun and memorys for a super low cost. Hats off to Kristen and Roland (plus crew of course) for hosting and throwing a great event. It was great to see everyone and we love coming to hawaii, thats for sure... Griff from Hawaii Exodus got to guest with the team and get his feet wet with the OSC. Rature was out in full force, rolling deep! The Assasin8 crew had two teams in it as well.. and did I mention I Love the Wheeler field ?

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Who: Pump teams from California and Hawaii in the OSC Series
What: OSC 3 on 3 Team & 1 on 1 Top Gun Divisions Paintball Tournament (final of the 2008 season)
When: Late Oct 2008
Where: www.paintballhawaii.com Wheeler Air Force Base Hawaii