02 February 2015

LA Hitmen team edition cockers from NICHE Paintball?

Have you seen work from NICHE Paintball yet? The raw one below looks like a future LA HITMEN team edition gun. Robert from NICHE Paintball posted this on my Facebook page to tease me. I love where he is going with it. 100% Made in the USA. He can prove it is made in the USA too I got to visit his machine shop and everything is done in house!

 Hopefully one day we will see Hitmen team edition guns for sale by Niche Paintball on www.lahitmen.com.  - Sonny Lopez

Here is a custom one he did recently. Pure SEX!

01 February 2015

Randy "Cool Beans" Galang custom cocker - LA Hitmen

Check out the Randy "Cool Beans" custom cocker
Featuring a WGP rare body made in the USA
Lasering by Sarge

Probably taken at Hollywood Sports in Bellflower, CA