21 January 2016

Hitmen recruits travel in San Diego at Besieged and leave a mark

 You might be seeing some new faces borrowing Hitmen jerseys or representing the Hitmen family. This past weekend some of our new recruits played in San Diego at the Giant Paintball Park and not only brought home the win but one of the recruits took on the grueling XO role.

06 January 2016

Recon Empire EVS Smart Paintball Mask. The future is now.

The Recon Empire EVS Smart Paintball Mask is probably the coolest news to hit paintball in years!
Imagine Intel/Recon Snow2 HUD tech inside your paintball mask displaying a 14-inch screen from 5-feet away. Can we please have this now?

Click here for the full story on Wearable.com

Sounds like you will be able to know where your teammates are at, you will know how many paintballs  you have left and you will have a field map for your convenience. I haven't been this excited for an innovative paintball product in a long time. Would love to also see a camera and social media integration where you can instantly upload a bunkering vid (seconds old/ or live) to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. But I am sure they have already thought of that.

Can't wait to try one out! Great job Recon and Empire!