30 November 2010

LA Hitmen at Fulda Gap

Kimo Schaedel and Sonny Lopez from the L.A. Hitmen visited Command Decisions Warfare Center in Taylersville, NC for the 2010 Fulda Gap Scenario Game. It was a wonderful event with happy people everywhere. Kimo played in the pistol challenge too. The photo at the bottom is Ferg the owner of CDWC!

03 October 2010

Killer Cupcake: Linh Truong

She plays pump paintball for the LA Hitmen and is a nurse in her other life. Don't underestimate our Killer Cupcake. She will take your head off. A true LA Hitmen for life. She helped bring her 1st LA Hitmen win at the 2008 NPPL Jacksonville event in the pump division. She is also the 1st female to win the OSC Hawaii Pump One on One event!

20 March 2010

LA Hitmen Island Paintball at WCPPL D2 Camp Pen

LA Hitmen Island Paintball took 4th place at WCPPL D2 Camp Pen!!! Thank you to Island Paintball (909-392-3284) for supporting and sponsoring the team! ‎‎‎‎Kimo‎, ‎Carlos, ‎‎David Robles‎, ‎Osvaldo, Sergio, Island Mikey, Josh, Randy, Pops who else can you name?

LA Hitmen Pump 3rd place at WCPPL Camp Pen

LA Hitmen 3rd place at WCPPL Pump Camp Pen.. Good job boys! Led by Mike the squad rostered was Romo, Juni, Kurly, and Ryan. Sponsored by Guerrilla Air! Thank you! Picture by Almost Famous Photography.

23 January 2010

Hitmen and Team Exodus play NPPL HB 2009

The Hitmen and Team Exodus team up and play NPPL HB 2009 together. Coaching in Hawaii is fun and playing ball on the beach in front of everyone is one of those memories you never forget.