14 February 2013

Want to start a Hitmen paintball team in your area?

We are taking applications for teams and individuals who want to join the Hitmen paintball family in other geographic locations. There is now a chance to join the official Hitmen family. In the past you had to endure 9 months of training usually under one of the squad captains or myself only available in So Cal. The training will continue in So Cal and now we have created a way for you to be able to go through the elite Hitmen training in your area earning your right to become a fully winged Hitmen. The roots of the Original Hitmen go back to the late 1980's in the paintball scene. We trademarked LA 'Hitmen' (with no claim to the LA part) years ago knowing big things were to come if we stood by our plan and achieved our short term and long term goals. That single move made a bigger impact on the teams equity than we would have ever thought possible. Google LA Hitmen sometime and its pretty cool what you will find.

Our first squad (our test squad) to be put together outside of the So Cal area is the Oakland Hitmen. The Oakland squad is led by Lester Samano who also serves in the US Air Force.  They are a small group of pump players in the Northern California area who love to play pump paintball and love to have a good time. You can find them at Davis Paintball quite a bit and other paintball fields nearby.

Our second remote squad is currently being built on the Western Slope of Colorado. They are just starting their training. The Colorado Hitmen will make their debut this Summer at a game to be announced at a later date. They are being led by Mark Garcia who has been a well known and long standing member of the LA Hitmen. Mark Garcia was one of the featured LA Hitmen players to be in Greg Hastings Paintball famous video game and knows what it takes to build a successful team.

Do you want to be the next squad? Think you have what it takes? Want to be an member of something elite and hard to join? If you can pass our training course and show us what you got you WILL earn your wings. You will become one of the elite Hitmen! Send us an email lahitmen@gmail.com or hit us up on Facebook. We will send you an application. And be sure to check out all the Hitmen gear and merchandise we are coming out with! Its a great year to be a Hitmen and an even better year to start your training to join the Hitmen family.

Oakland Hitmen at Supergame in St. Paul Oregon in 2012. 1st place! 
Todd, Daniel, Randy, Ebert and blurry? 

who is next?

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