15 February 2013

Rumors Buddy Young to return to the field?

Rumors are confirmed Buddy Young will be returning to the field after years of semi retirement. Buddy and his superman dives were made popular in the WGN Tv Show "Rage in the Cage" / UAPL filmed in Las Vegas and Aruba.

We asked Buddy about him returning to the field to represent the Hitmen. His response was clear: "Making a come back is one of the most difficult things to do with dignity. I hope i live up to everyones thoughts about me." -Buddy Young LA HITMEN 

He is one of the original OG LA Hitmen. He has been playing since 2000. His favorite memories was traveling with friends and the nature of competition. He is a HITMEN at heart and is now ready to roll again. Now the real questions start... What squad will he join? What gun is he going to shoot? What event will be his first in years? 

Buddy Young is pictured on the far right. This image is from the WGN TV show filmed in Las Vegas. 

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