23 September 2008

The LA Hitmen win in St. Louis thus locking in the OSC 5 man Pump Paintball Series Title!

With the win at Xtreme the LA Hitmen squad was able to lock in and secure the 5 man 2008 OSC 5 man series title! The LA Hitmen squad for the ST. Louis, MO Xtreme Paintball Park event was Jeff, Linh, Mike, Vanida and guesting for us was John Dresser. They made numerous new friends and got to see honorable play all weekend long. The games were fierce and teams had a great time.

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So now the question is who will take 2nd and 3rd in the OSC Series title race? Rockstar is currently in 2nd and Hundreth is close behind, well 100 points away closein 3rd... Can the Full Clip Pants Party make a strong finish and pull the upset? Actually Naughty, SMT, Flipped Out all are in position to make an upset if Hundreth doesn’t watch out! These are the best pump teams in the world fighting consistently against each other in the OSC series. Stay tuned to see what happens in Hawaii on Oct 25th and 26th www.oscseries.com at Hawaii All Star Paintball Games. Below you can see who the top 7 (5 man) pump teams are in the OSC series.

Rank Final OSC 2008 5 man Series Scores pre-Hawaii
1- 400 LA Hitmen
2- 270 Rockstar Factory
3- 170 Hundredth Monkey
4- 149 Full Clip Pants Party
5- 118 Naughty by Nature
6- 110 Slow Moving Targets
7- 100 Flipped Out

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