12 November 2008

2008 Real Challenge Hawaii Paintball @ Wheeler www.paintballhawaii.com

I just got done spending a great weekend at Wheeler AFB. On Saturday Tony Perez did a clinic and I sat around and enjoyed doing nothing but talking to staff and players. I also got a great view from the tower. Had to recover a bit from Friday night in Waikiki Beach

On Sunday the Real Challenge 5 man event at Paintball Hawaii on Wheeler Air Force Base was held. I played on a throw together team called Section 245. A team made up of a couple local friends with Tony Perez and myself. I got to shoot a MacDev Droid all day and I think I will write a seperate entry about how that experience was. Hawaii Exodus took 1st and our team Section 245 took 2nd & Pandemonium took 3rd. It was a close battle but a stalemate early in the day bit us in the butt in the end. Hawaii Exodus played some solid ball and have been excelling their game at a quick pace under the constant coaching Garrett and I are providing. We will see how they do in the NPPL San Diego event this weekend! The event ran smooth all day and not a single penalty was given out. One player was ejected for foul mouth and that was it. Great food and prizes capped it off. Smiles were everywhere and people had fun watching a 5 man round robin event with center flag rules. The coolest part of the day was when the sportsmanship award was given to Gary from Team Rapture. The trophies were amazing!

In other news there was a premier going on where Bobbi Billard destroys at guy while giving a massage. Check out the clip below to see the scene..

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