Want to join the LA Hitmen? LA Hitmen Recruit Program

We and I are very proud of our 2015/2016 recruits.
Some have quit and some are training harder than ever.
Many are on their way to becoming full fledged Hitmen. 

So do you want to join the Hitmen team/family?
Next years 2017 tryouts are being planned now.
Do you use a pump gun?
Will a paintball field and store vouch for you?
Will your past team vouch for you?
Do you have passion for paintball and for the people who play?
Has anybody told you that you are a positive ambassador for paintball?

If you said yes....
We have a code of conduct you would have to follow.
We have multiple squads in multiple formats you can train with and get to know.
We are looking for great people to join our family.
We love paintball and you have to as well. 

So far nothing is changing from the last years traditions.
No drama. No drinking. No cigarettes.  
Initial joining fee is combined with your first jersey purchase.
After that is out of the way you will receive team sponsorship pricing from all of our sponsors. We do not charge our team members for training, coaching, mentoring and more so the team joining fee helps cover those expenses. If you quit the team at any time the joining fees are nonrefundable. You will get discounts to events, discounts on gear, and be included in one of the longest running teams in history. You will stand out and make a positive difference in this sport we all love so much.

If you want to tryout for the LA Hitmen competitive pump team in Southern California or want to train woodsball at high altitude in Colorado email myself directly. sonny @ teamlahitmen.com


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