30 September 2016

25 Hours Non Stop Paintball! Longest Paintball Marathon World Record set at SC Village Sept 24 2016

 The new record is 25 hours straight! Thank you to all who helped make this happen!
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LA Hitmen World Record Team: L to R
Bottom: Zack, Tony Perez, Sam Carrillo
Top: Ron, Randy Cool Beans, Ben, Taylor, myself ;)

 That center bunker created by Legacy 3DFX saw some action! If you ever need something totally custom you know who to email! www.legacy3dfx.com    The buzzer was provided by the AFPL / Redzone league! If you like exciting paintball action you have to check out the Redzone format on YouTube! 
Team Destiny World Record Team: L to R
Bottom: Linh Ann, Ivonne, Alycia
Top: Bea, Pineapple, Allison, Kelly, Rosie
Paperwork: Sarah

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