03 July 2016

LA HITMEN veterans at Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA

Hollywood Sports Park customers received a bonus today being able to observe LA HITMEN pump veterans Derrick Obatake and Mike Masushige train some dedicated Hitmen rookies and hopefuls. The practice was on HSP's new air ball field and the Hitmen rookies grinded all day soaking up all the information and welts Derrick and Mike provided. I was informed it was a productive day. Not sure if any 1on8dontbelate drills were needed though.

I seriously wish I was there for that.

We have a lot of new faces rocking the new Hitmen black and white jersey. Like our brown and green jerseys these are made by Anthrax Paintball in Greece. The Hitmen black and white jersey colorway (or lack of colorway) pays homage of the tradition of Hitmen rookies and newer members wearing a long sleeve black/white cotton shirts while they earn the right to wear a Hitmen jersey.  When you see one of these b/w Hitmen jerseys check the collar. It will reveal the players name and rookie year. So the black/white jerseys are legit. Say hi if you run into a Hitmen and if you need help with something (or got a question) chances are someone wearing a Hitmen jersey will help you.

To get your own team jerseys you have got to check out Anthrax Paintball. Click below.


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