15 December 2015


Recently we (LA HITMEN) helped out with the Hollywood Sports Annual Toy-Drive and held Try-Outs at the same time. It has been over 3 years since we have held a try-outs (1,000 days+). This was the perfect time to hopefully fill some spots on key squads and rebuild our D3 squad. Sarge and Gen and I road tripped it from High Altitude Colorado (Hitmen Academy) to So Cal for this and Linh's event. We drove through a massive snow storm before hitting the beautiful coast weather. The night before the game once in So Cal we got to see my mom and step-dad and have some dinner. It was a memorable visit that many ended up seeing on Facebook. My wonderful mother posted a pic of us together, please give her pic a LIKE! - Click here to see the pic  

All pics in this post from this day are courtesy of RED SILVA. Give him a LIKE on Facebook and check out his work. Stunning! 
The day started with Chris Tregarthen holding a stretching session, then jogging, then it was time to gun up. Players who were there received a card to place on their goggle strap so we can keep track of stats and know who is who.
 "Waka-waka" after the 1on8 Don't Be Late Drill. A Hitmen tradition is the famous 1on8 Don't Be Late Drill. Last one on the field many times has to play against 8 Hitmen. Its a brutal game where the person who is taking on the 8 cant die. They must play forward till they have killed all 8 adversaries. Moral of the story... Don't Be Late. Note* Waka wasn't even late. He was picked to provide an example of the drill. #WAKATEAMPLAYER
Some talent stepped on the field. I was happy to observe the skill sets already present in the players who were seriously dedicated to making the team. Many times players have to unlearn bad habits so when players come by and got some skills its certainly a good day.
 Seriously I love those Anthrax hoodies and Apugs. The pic above is Big Paul and I talking about some drills and recruits strengths... Scratch that actually I think Big Paul was just asking me if Steel Flame's Derrick Obatake would be showing up.

The pic above is Ryan Ortega from the D3 squad keeping track of how many paintballs fly onto his mask.
 "J" David Robles from the D1 / D2 WCPPL squad rocking his favorite Dye Rotar and machine gun.
Chris Tregarthen rocking his Revy and old school WGP Pump Sniper. These are still the most accurate and versatile paintball markers out there.
It is not often you get to see the original Hitmen / Hitman pump trigger kit. Chris is rocking the original design by Derrick Obatake. This functional addition has been made available by numerous different companies with their own spin on it. Many call it the "Hitman" mod. We plan to release an official LA Hitmen version in 2016.
Lone wolf player Linh Linh flew in for the weekend. She is currently developing her pump skills and representing the Hitmen family on the other side of the Rocky Mtns where no other Hitmen live.  
A new recruit got a kiss on the neck from one of the Hitmen. Remember those eyes behind that mask I am sure you will see more of this one soon.

The day ended around 5:30 with everyone tired and ready to go eat. Lots of talent showed up and we know a couple spots are already getting filled. Thank you to everyone who came out! The D3 rebuild is certainly going to be fun in 2016!


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