29 March 2013


This was a 2010 WCPPL 5 man Pump event. The roster was Romo, Juni, Ryan, Kurley and Mike. Like usual the crew rocked WGP Snipers with no auto-trigger. These days we are a combination of WGP Snipers and Bob Long MVP's.

We were rocking Guerrilla Air at the time when Dan Colby was in charge. Once he was gone from Guerrilla Air we left shortly afterwards. He got a lifetime achievement award years ago for his outstanding contribution to the paintball industry. He basically invented the HPA (air system) for paintball the way that we know it. So he knows what he is talking about! Dan Colby is rumored to have new regulators coming out soon under his own name. He was the original Air America! Remember those? We seriously can't wait to try his new regs out!

Image by Almost Famous

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