16 May 2012

1st place 3 man Pump Tourney at SUPERGAME XLIII

We won the 3 man event at Supergame! Todd Glidewell (from Alaska) joined up with some of the Oakland Hitmen and LA Hitmen Randy CoolBeans and Daniel Lopez to create a little super squad. They took 1st place and were so dam fast all the pics came out blurry. Big props to all the pump players in the event. Every year the teams get better and better.

Do you know who that is between Kat Secor and myself? That is Big Paul from Moongobbie Brothers! Whenever we show up at a game we want to be on Paul's side! He knows how to run not just a team but an entire army of paintballers. His tanks are not to be messed with either! Here he is with a shirt for Kayla his daughter that both Kat and I signed. And thats a TAPCO shirt I am wearing not a Lapco shirt. ;) 

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