20 January 2009

From the OSC website..

OSC #1 Ramona Giant
EVENT WRAP UP: 2009 off an running with some great new teams and players. We are excited this is a brand new season and we kicked off the season right with some spectacular game play. This season shows real promise as some new talent joins the OSC family and I think the competition will be the greatest ever as we punch through the season. The returning teams have re-tooled and some new teams have been formed from Alumni so even if you don't recognize the name you will remember them once they send you to the deadbox. I think teams are still sizing each other up as the first event finishes we are already gearing up for the next one. I love to watch these teams play.
The Brotherhood dominated the 3Player Prelims on Saturday and played well all day. Entering the finals it was a tough road as the Brotherhood faced off against the LA Hitmen. But the LA Hitmen walked away with the points and the first place spot. This was not a slam dunk for them as the competition heats up the LA Hitmen will have to hold on tight to the OSC pump crown as 2009 rages into new pump territory. Vegas Chingon Returns for the 09 season and proves themselves as they move into the third spot on Saturday. New Talent New Teams New Plays and New Games.

The Sunday games fell to the LA Hitmen as well. This solid team has grown into a machine. With year round training that includes not just games but disciplined training and fitness. But there were some new teams with some big wins that show they are ready to step it up and grab for the title. Rockstar Factory returns to put the pressure on and shines in at the number three spot. GAT Products Factory hits the ground running as a new team that snatchs up the Fourth place ground. This season is just starting and I can't wait for round two. http://oscseries.com/


5 Player Division
First Place (705 points in Overall) LA Hitmen
Second Place (592 points in Overall) LA Hitmen .com
Third Place (520 points in Overall) Rockstar Factory
Fourth Place (512 points in Overall) GAT Products Factory

3 Player Division
First Place (212 points in Finals) LA Hitmen
Second Place (204 points in Finals) Brotherhood
Third Place (110 points in Finals) Vegas Chingon
Fourth Place (38 points in Finals) LA Hitmen.com

3 Player Prelim Scores
1 LAHitmen.com 579
2 the dude 514
3 Brotherhood 5.5 683
4 yuma rattlers 28
5 Magnitude 369
6 LA Hitmen 581
7 Those Pump Guyz Too 203
8 Evil Intent 2 207
9 Chikun Nuggetz 232
10 Vegas Chingon Black 401
11 slc infectious 306
12 Brick (No Show Not Factored into scoring) -
13 HM Factory 292
14 Vegas Chingon 566
15 Those Pump Guyz 493
16 Evil Intent 1 125
17 Final Chapter 420
18 Yuma Rattlers 2 413

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