Living Legends at Legacy Paintball Park!

If you have not played a Living Legends event you need to do your best to make one. Now that they are doing the official Living Legends event at Legacy Paintball Park you have two reasons to go. Mid May just like it used to be when it was held at CPX. Now that the game is at Legacy you will get to experience a whole new field and notice some familiar props and field elements. For the game itself Honue keeps it fun and nobody takes the action to serious. CPX is also throwing events all around the country from Hawaii to Florida so be sure to give them a follow on IG and check out their website.

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To go to the CPX Living Legends website Click here

To flash back to 2017 check out my post and pics from Living Legends 10 when it was at CPX. 

Above is a Hitmen team pic from a Living Legends event held at CPX and the trophy from Dead Legends 2016 held in Northern California.

Now have you played at Legacy Paintball Park?

To check out the Legacy Paintball Park website Click here