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Sonny Lopez and Greg Hastings at Paintball Explosion: World at War 6

Shooting Trident Defense firearms at Gat Guns

Trident Defense Firearms (Company visit)

Tony Tran at Kings of Pump / the Ranch / Private Paintball Field

Want to be a Hitmen? Colorado Hitmen, Texas Hitmen, and other areas email us!

Paintball Camp is so much fun!

LA Hitmen's Sonny Lopez is heading to Paintball Explosion for World at War 6!

Three Hitmen heading to Canada for the TIPPMANN D-DAY CHALLENGE!

Foods Alive Lemon Crackers Snacks at Living Legends 10 paintball event!

Sonny Lopez at Living Legends 10 held at CPX Paintball Park in Illinois

1st Place LA Hitmen - Kings of Pump - May 2017

3rd Place LA HITMEN at the WCPPL Las Vegas - May 2017

Supergame 50 at Sniperz Den in St. Paul Oregon