Consider Intermittent Fasting (Is 12/12 the answer?)

Whether your a top level athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to start taking steps to being more healthy, this video is for you! Enjoy!

I was reading up on intermittent fasting and watching some videos on it. Found this gem that I wanted to share with you all. Instead of watching 4+ hours you can watch 28 min and get the most important parts quickly. This video was made by Will., who cut up and combined 3 different Joe Rogan talks where GSP (George St.Pierre), Dr. Peter Attia, and Dr. Rhonda Patrick are all talking about the benefits and their experiences with intermittent fasting.

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Now don't be concerned this type of fasting does not mean your not eating for a week. With intermittent fasting you get to eat everyday within a 8-12 hour window. Then you "fast" for 12-16 hours. When you figure most people are getting almost 8 hours of sleep, the ask is to not eat for 2 hours before bed and 2 hours after waking up isn't sounding to bad.

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Wary of YouTube?

Want a book instead? Buy this one off Amazon and then read it while pooping at home. Guaranteed to make your glorious sessions at least double in time spent on the throne.

Intermittent Fasting 16/8: The Beginners Guide for Rapid Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting Science - Paperback – July 27, 2019 by Kelly Allen

In a nutshell you want to eat your food within a 12 hour window. Including coffee and all snacks. The optimum "food consuming" window is debated between 8-9 hours. The research shows that the maximum window you want to be consuming food is for 12 hours. So you get to eat for 12 hours and then you would not eat for 12 hours. So if you started to eat at 8am then you would want to stop eating for the day at 8pm at the latest. Following that cycle 8am/8pm you would effectively be fasting every day 12/12.

Why is this information on our team blog? Because we want you all to be healthy and back on the field to play more ball. Less telling stories in the parking lot and sucking on cheesy fake foods, save that for after the game is over. In big games you get to get reincarnated so the healthier the competition and participants are the more epic and intense these battles will be. Battle of attrition is the name of the game in these huge fun events. I want us all (players on all sides) to reincarnate and get back to the spot you just lost vs leaving the fun to take a breather. Much love see you on the field!