Sonny Lopez's top 4 snacks to stock up on for road trips and paintball weekends

I always get asked what healthy snacks (that are available in a package) do I eat. I finally decided that I should share my top 4 favorite road trip and paintball snacks and give you all links to reputable sellers on Amazon to buy them from. 

Do's: Read this list and go buy those snacks! The links below go straight to Amazon and are from reputable sellers on Amazon. Go be the most amazing version of yourself. You certainly can do it.

Do not: Don't eat fake healthy food! Soy and tofu is a big culprit. Hard pass on that stuff. Don't give up life when things get sideways, life is honestly getting better every day.

Here it is! Sonny Lopez's top 4 favorite road trip and paintball snacks!

#1. SquareBar Chocolate covered Cookie Dough

#2. Laura Bar Blueberry Muffin

#3. RX Bar

#4. BISON BARS by Epic