2019 Linh Truong’s Annual Paintball Charity Event

Did you miss out on the funnest game on the West Coast every December? Join us next year! Gary Baum was there taking pics as usual. All the following pics are from Gary Baum of Paintball Photography.com 

 Devin Bailey killing it with the old school Bob Long Autococker, Anthrax jersey, Ginger Dynamics hopper cover and front end cover. Find Devin on Instagram @bevindailey
 Taylor Kirman putting it down rocking his Colorado Hitmen jersey by Anthrax Machines (made in Greece). Find Taylor on Instagram @durden_67

Devin about to launch.
 Caught mid launch. Love this pic.
 Fridge putting the lanes down so we can work up front. Nothing feels better than knowing you have someone watching over your head. Notice the old school Revy he has feeding his gun.
 It was wet. But wait is that a Ginger Dynamics hopper cover? So all is well.
 Mark Sager putting some heat down the left tape. Pew, pew, pew, get out dingleberry!
 The legend herself. Linh Truong enjoying giving away prizes and making people laugh.

 Can't have a charity event without the Reaper running down the middle of the field to help open the game up. Is that Zack from Team USA watching this go down?
3 Hitmen killers right here: Mark Sager, the Fridge and Tim Yip. Tim rocking the 1of1 Hitmen jersery only he has.
The end of a day of paintball is always bittersweet. You are happy you got to see all your old friends, happy you got to shoot a bunch of them and sad that it is all over so quick. That being said go check out CK Contract Killer pants and gear. https://www.ckfightlife.com/ Chris (the owner) has been in the game a long time and if you haven't tried his gear yet you need to. Besides the gear he makes some sick shirts for casual wear. Those pants pictured above are CK pants specially designed for aggressive paintball play. I am pretty sure you will like them. 
  Some beautiful drone overhead shots of the event. Thank you Gary!

 The last picture here is the one and only Bud Orr with a Worr Boyz team member. How cool is that? A team dedicated to shooting old school WGP paintball guns. WGP (Worr Game Products) 
Check their team out on Facebook

Direct link to all these pics and many more from the event. Click here. Thanks again Gary!

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