Supergame 2019 video by Social Paintball (filmed and created by Jan)

If you haven't met Jan from Social Paintball you need to. Thank him for making some of the most entertaining paintball videos our industry has ever got to enjoy. Much love for the ones behind the scenes making the magic happen! The guy pictured above is Wolf not Jan lol. Check this quick video out on this years Supergame Oregon (52). Click the YouTube video above to watch the video.

Jan caught myself in far side of the castle holding the inside wall. I was using a Planet Eclipse Emek, Push mask, Karla A 69 headband, Immortal Air HPA system, GI Sportz LVL loader, Ginger Dynamics loader cover, Anthrax jersey, Valken & Dye pads, Top Rank harness & pants, and of course a 1990's OTP G-1 barrel. Point blank kills over and over make for a priceless experience.

In this clip from the 1vs1 pistol challenge Fatal and Happy trade at the center 50. Not sure who got each other first. From this angle it looks like Fatal got Happy first but possibly by a fraction of a second. Fatal is a badass on the field and Happy had nothing but love for him. Much respect to both these players who understand and know the bond that is created when you play with honor and respect for the game, your opponents and yourself.

See you all at the next Supergame!