Supergame East 2 was a blast! You have to visit OXCC in MD


Have you played at OXCC? Add that field to your bucket list. Have I mentioned that before? This field is something special and you have to play it to appreciate it. You can't experience it from the staging area and simply can't see the layout, props, paths, and perfectly landscaped field unless you gear up and play it. The community there is welcoming and full of energy to play ball. Certainly one of my top 5 favorite fields.

I didn't get any good pics from this year. Fail. I wonder who was out there taking pics so I can link this to their gallery. I played in the 1vs1 for fun. Lost to a young lil killer and had a ball doing it. We also played the 3 man mech tourney but didn't do as well as we had hoped. I did get to shoot Rocky's Shocktech hand cannon and I simply fell in love with that gun. Hats off to Shocktech for absolutely killing it with that platform. If your looking for a high end Autococker that is timed perfectly out of the box then check out Danny Love's creations at Shocktech.

Once I get more pics from this event I will update this post!

 To flashback to our first time at OXCC Click here