Supergame RENEGADES! Bea lend me her Planet Eclipse Emek, DAMMMM hats off to the UK boys!

Pictured here is Bill owner of Mad Frog Militia, Bea Youngs Paxton owner of Team Destiny and myself just a guy who loves to play paintball. (Not sure who to give photo credit to. Will update once I know)

At Supergame we get to combine forces and run as "Renegades". Anthrax Paintball made us these super light weight sleeveless jerseys special just for the event. As Renegades we help keep the game flowing. Answering the call anytime Dan Bonebrake needs us to balance out the game or a major battle. So that means switching sides in the middle of a massive push and needing to wrangle highly trained attack cats who usually really want to keep smashing whoever is shooting at them. I have been playing this role at Supergames for over 6 years. When playing ball and especially when having to manage scores of players at the same time the last thing you want to have to deal with is equipment going down or not being reliable. This event I wanted to try something new and to my surprise Bea had a brand new box of markers from Planet Eclipse to lend out to players. Bea told me to grab one and quickly showed me how it operates even thought it literally doesn't even need a manual.

Photo credit Bangaranphotography

My Supergame 52 setup:

Paintball Marker: Planet Eclipse Emek
Barrel: OTP 10.5" (Thanks Chris!)
Air System: Immortal Air Sonny Lopez 420 edition
Hopper Cover: Ginger Dynamics Sonny Lopez 420 edition
Mask: Push Paintball LA Hitmen edition
Jersey: Anthrax Paintball LA Hitmen Renegades 52 design
Pants: Top Rank
Pads: Valken, Dye
Glove: Blackstar
Headgear: Sandana, Dye beanie

Over the course of Supergame 52 (3 days of play) I got to use the new Planet Eclipse Emek mechanical hand cannon and simply fell in love with it. No batteries required, it shoots flat, and is super quite. Air efficiency was spot on and I didn't break a single ball out of 6.5 cases over 3 days of play. I even used my own loader on it and had zero issues with feeding, no double shots, nothing negative at all. Everybody I shot point blank at the castle felt it, instantly respected it, and some got extra when they played on. Lots of high fives and laughs after dozens of eliminations were realized with a "entry level" marker. Don't get me wrong most of the players (99%) at the event are absolute standouts and super honorable. But a few were kind of funny trying to play on when torched and looking the wrong way. This Eclipse marker did not disappoint! Then I found out how much they cost. WOW hats off to Planet Eclipse!

Side note: I am not sponsored by Planet Eclipse.

If you need an entry level paintball marker take a hard look at the Planet Eclipse Emek. If you are looking for a great backup marker or one for your significant other or up and coming youngsters this is certainly the ticket. Of course you need (at some point) to have a WGP Sniper and WGP Autococker in your collection (dozens actually) but for new players and for backup guns this low cost platform by Eclipse is a very sound choice. For me this was a totally fun experience. I don't have time to mess with buttons and batteries. I just want a gun to work. I certainly found a winner here. Giving the gun back to Bea was not something I wanted to do lol.

I found a legit seller (100% rating) on Amazon so if your looking to buy a Planet Eclipse Emek and your local store don't have them or you don't have a local store near you this is the way to go. Click the link above and I am sure you will be enjoying a new low cost reliable marker in no time. If you follow me/us on Instagram and end up buying one of these lets us know! @lahitmen on IG


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