1st place LA Hitmen in the 3 man mechanical at OXCC Supergame East 2018

At every Supergame paintball event they tend to hold a 3 man pump event. Pump paintball is the heart of the sport and when your at a fun event it is nice to switch it up real quick and get some games in with the other pumpers in the community. The boys put a squad in and won it!

Big props to Devin (team Capt), Happy, Richard, Ollie (SSC), and to Simon at Inception for the amazing prizes. 

Inception sponsored the 3 man event. If you are looking for a new high end paintball marker that is one of the companies you should be seriously considering. Or if you are looking to build a bad ass gun you want to grab an Inception body kit and get to work. Simon assembles his guns in the USA and has been designing paintball products for as long as I can remember. If you want to check out something really special be sure to check out his Predator edition markers. These guns are accurate AF, solid and if you have not heard about Inception paintball guns you need to really go check them out.

Supergame has become my favorite game of the year. Their website is here Supergame.tv If you used to play paintball back in the day and just got back into it join us at one of these games! Reach out on Instagram @lahitmen

The squad could not be happier with their new Inception pump markers. Inception does sponsor our very own Greg Hastings and also sponsors the original Supergame.

Ready to join us or play against us at the next Supergame East? 
Register today! SUPERGAME EAST 

(Totally need help on photographer credit)


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